Hotel Pest Control

The best kind of guests are the ones who come back again and again because the love your hotel and the amenities. UPC will help you make sure the only guests staying with you are the ones you want back.

Smart hotel pest control is the difference between scathing and raving reviews. Western’s commercial pest control team works with hotels and motels throughout the India, delivering discreet solutions that work. A quick response and preventive approach keeps pests at bay – including hotel bed bugs, which have hotels and motels everywhere on edge.

Western works with hotel pest control clients to help them identify problems before they escalate and come to the attention of guests. From providing in-service training to the maintenance staff to identifying the root causes of issues, our goal is to keep your business free of pests.

Restaurant Pest Control

A great meal out is one that is talked about for weeks. UPC will make sure that all your customers are talking about is the food.

Positive experiences feed restaurant success, but poor restaurant pest control puts your hard work at risk. UPC exceeds your commercial pest control needs, emphasizing discretion and expertise in the range of restaurant pests. From fly control for restaurants to treatments that ensure food safety, we’re here to help your restaurant make the grade.

When it comes to pest control for high-risk businesses like restaurants, cooperation is the key factor in creating change. UPC Sales Manager can site numerous examples of restaurants where problems persisted until they took to heart advice on cleaning and structural repairs.

Property Management & Apartment Pest Control

Your home is where you make your life. UPC is determined to make sure homes are happy ones.

Whether you manage a LEED-certified high-rise or garden apartments, property management means meeting needs, including commercial pest control. A positive reputation is essential, and superior structural pest control service helps you maintain it. UPC services your pest control needs affordably and effectively, keeping pests out and tenants in.

When it comes to managing your property, pests tend to fall in the nuisance category. But in an era of bed-bug liability risk and pest issues like West Nile grabbing headlines, the game is changing for property managers who want to take a proactive approach to protecting their tenants – and their bottom line.

Pharmaceutical Pest Control

Thorough, clean, and completely sanitized. UPC works with you to be sure the focus is where it needs to be.

Pharmaceutical businesses require highest quality commercial pest control with a light touch. Pharma pest problems can have serious repercussions, but material use must be limited. UPC understands the rigors of scientific pest control, and our technicians align Integrated Pest Management solutions to your internal standards and controls. Our GreenPro certified procedures center on prevention, eliminating pest sources with minimal environmental impact.

School & University Pest Control

Education is such an important part of life. will help make sure you can keep students focused on learning their ABCs.

School and university pest control programs must center on prevention and commitment to a healthy environment, while addressing the needs of a busy environment with numerous pest-attracting factors. UPC is a trusted partner for hundreds of schools, upholding strict safety controls and delivering results.

Industrial Pest Control

Third party audits are a big deal. UPC works with you to be sure you’re in line to pass your audits.

There’s no place for pests in manufacturing: UPC delivers superior commercial pest control – with the paper trail to prove it. We know that third-party audits are business critical, and help you pass rigorous inspections. Our industrial pest control professionals are highly trained, taking an industry-specific approach to challenging pest conditions.

Food Processing Pest Control

Keeping our country fed is a big challenge, so is passing a third party audit. UPC helps with you on both sides to be sure food is pest-free.

Unique challenges and audit requirements leave no room for error in your commercial pest control program. Our team works with food processors throughout the India to customize eco-friendly pest control programs that fight pests. We know what third-party auditors want, and deliver superior pest control with the paper trail to prove it.

Healthcare & Hospital Pest Control

When you’re sick, every little detail matters. UPC is committed to making sure your focus stays where it needs to be, on the patients.

// Hospitals have a zero-tolerance stance on pests, which makes expert commercial pest control critical. Pests can carry disease, which may endanger patients, and overreliance on pest-control materials can put sensitive populations in harm’s way.

Our hospital pest control team doesn’t rest until we uncover pest sources. Then we attack them with Integrated Pest Management programs with strict controls – and a commitment to patient safety.

Warehouse Fumigation

In Warehouse Fumigation is a method of pest control that uses a toxic gas to exterminate pests in an enclosed space. The space is sealed to prevent the gas escaping to areas that are not being treated, for environmental and public safety, and to keep the gas at the required concentration for the appropriate time to be effective

Fumigation is an important control measure in the food industry for the treatment of incoming raw materials, either before leaving the country of origin or on arrival at the dockside before distribution.

Agriculture Fumigation

It is primarily used as a fumigant in stored product pest management. It is also widely used as a preplant soil fumigant to control nematodes, insects, pathogens and weeds.Considered to be a leader in large-scale fumigation services, Action Pest Control offers effective solutions.Our highly trained fumigation team can tailor a plan directly to your industry and the special needs and concerns as a company that will safely and effectively eliminate your pest issues. Our professionals can obtain an almost 100% reduction in targeted pests overnight.

Make sure to plant disease-free crops and use good management practices to avoid reintroducing pathogens.We provide agricultural fumigants can again be segmented into soil and warehouse.

Pallet Fumigation

Pallets, with or without commodity, can be fumigated using one of two methods:
Tarp Fumigations Consist of covering the pallets with a gas proof fumigation tarp, with edges such that a gas seal is achieved.
Container Fumigations The preferred method of pallet fumigation, place the pallets to be treated in a sealed container for fumigation. This method of pallet fumigation as it ensures the penetration of the fumigant and there is less risk associated with potential leakage.


In Cargo, Infestation can happen due to following factors.High moisture level in the cargo.The place where cargo has been stored prior to shipment.Fumigation is necessary for the goods and packing material which will be transporting the goods in ships and aircrafts between countries using containers is an economic and well established practice.

It is always good to carry out fumigation prior to export to avoid huge fumigation expenditure and handling cost at the port of discharge. Another important thing that needs attention is treatment of packing material since untreated packing materials are prone to infestation and become carriers for introducing new pests to other Countries. Therefore wooden packing material should be treated prior to export.UPC request all the relevant vendors to contact us for more enquiries.

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