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Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are infamous for spreading extremely dangerous diseases such as malaria, dengue, brain fever, cerebral malaria and filariasis. Having a mosquito infestation in close proximity to you and your family is an extremely dangerous situation and can be fatal. The primary goal is to keep homes and families safe from mosquitoes.

UPC mosquito service protects your family and pets from the danger and nuisance of mosquitoes by focusing on the areas or your yard where mosquitoes are most likely to feed and harbor.

// It is very important for every household to make sure that they live in a hygienic and disease-free environment.

UPC employs a scientific and integrated approach to ridding the premises of mosquitoes. Our experts carry out a thorough inspection of the site and its surroundings to determine the affected areas. A plan of action is then drawn up and executed using chemical, non-chemical and biological control methods.

Bed Bugs Treatment

Bed bugs are blood-seeking insects known for infesting areas where people and animals sleep, and are a growing problem in India, particularly in areas with large or transient human populations, such as apartment buildings, hotels, cruise ships and dormitories. Their bites cause itchy red welts, skin infections and allergic reactions as a result of the saliva they inject when they feed.

// It is very important for every household to make sure that they live in a hygienic and disease-free environment.

Bed bugs can’t hide from the experts at Universal Pest Service. We employ bed bug sniffing dogs, one of the most effective bed bug detecting tools available. Additionally, we offer several types of extermination treatments for bed bug infestations.

Termite Treatment

Termites are known for the destruction they cause to wooden structures and furniture. Through technical and exclusive global alliances with R&D companies, UPC has developed an integrated Termite Treatment & Control Service to suit your specific needs.

// It is very important for every household to make sure that they live in a hygienic and disease-free environment.

Our experienced technicians use the thermal detection to locate termites in the woodwork, brick or masonry without causing any damage to the structure. They treat the infestation by utilizing new generation chemicals that are designed to control all termites. The team provides a basic clean up after completion of the job. We also provide pre and post-construction service against subterranean termites.

Fly Control

Fly control problems may indicate bigger issues: sanitation gaps that attract flies can attract all manner of pests. Fast breeders, flies are a major health concern in food plants and restaurants. They can carry up to 100 pathogens and deposit feces when landing. Our commercial fly control experts devise long-term sanitation changes to keep flies away.

Western’s commercial fly control is aggressive, delivered by experts with a deep understanding of the fly’s biology.

Fly control for restaurants should also remain a constant, mitigating poor reviews and potential food contamination.

// It is very important for every household to make sure that they live in a hygienic and disease-free environment.

Fruit flies can be a major detriment to the reputation of a business due to their unsightly nature. For specific industries, fruit flies may be expected but never tolerated; plus, they can show up in a wide variety of environments. Proactive fruit fly control is a necessity, be it in the restaurant industry, food processing or the healthcare industry.


Whether battling odorous house ants and pavement ants or seeking to prevent carpenter ant damage, ant control in the house is often attempted as a DIY project. However, effective ant control often requires the knowledge of the target ant’s activities, habits and habitats. Many ant species come and go in predictable cycles, and homeowner efforts to fend them off can often be ineffective and time consuming. In fact, used at the wrong time and in the wrong situations, ant traps can attract the very ants they’re designed to prevent, in the worst cases encouraging nesting inside the home.

// Ant Control in Your House…and Outside, Too

Household ant problems often start outdoors where landscaping, cracks, and gaps attract these pests and then provide entry inside. UPC Home Protection Plan safeguards your home through a combination of three seasonal visits and free emergency-response visits should issues ever arise. That means you’re protected from ant problems all throughout the year.


Commercial cockroach control is vital: roaches can cause big problems, from health concerns to unhappy customers. Carriers of disease, cockroaches also call into question your sanitation in the eyes of a client…or health inspector. That makes choosing an experienced commercial cockroach control partner a smart decision.

// It is very important for every household to make sure that they live in a hygienic and disease-free environment.

Our technicians understand roach biology, and use that insight to implement smarter solutions. Then they work with you to develop protocols that prevent future cockroach control issues before they start.


Rats and mice are not only a nuisance but can also cause property damage and transmit diseases. You’ll know they’ve arrived if you see rodent droppings near a food source or shredded fabric or paper.

//Removing rodents with traps or poisons will not keep rodents out of your home in the future.

To permanently keep rats and mice out of your home or business, you will need to prevent access by sealing all possible entry points. It is equally important to eliminate rodent attractions such as food and water by keeping food in tightly sealed containers and repairing leaky pipes.

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